Fresh air room and quiet room

… take a deep breath and re-energise – our fresh Tyrol mountain air refreshes your senses.


… gently stimulate your circulation with a radiant heat of 40º – 65º C and 40 – 45% humidity.

Tyrol sauna snug

… relaxing perspiration with a radiant heat odf 85º – 105º C and 5 – 11 % humidity.

Infrared cabin

… infrared heat can have a positive effect on health problems.

Herbal steam bath

… at 42 – 45° C you get to enjoy a pleasant and gentle steam bath which nourishes and cleanses your body.

Luxurious showers

… Tropical rain, fresh water switch, torrent shower and Kneipp hose provide pleasant refreshment.

Kneipp fountain

… feel the invigorating force of the water and look forward to feeling refreshed.

Classic and sports massages

… dates per arrangement